Rotary Cheque Presentation Dinner

Rotary Cheque Presentation Dinner

A Dog’s Dinner To Save Lives

Poplars were very proud to host a cheque presentation dinner for the Rotary Club of Flitwick Vale in the Restaurant@Poplars on Monday 30th October for two very worthy charities.

Many people regard their dog as their best friend but sometimes their dog can be the difference between life and death. For some who suffers from an extreme form of diabetes, unconsciousness and death can strike without warning at any time.

Claire Moon never dared to sleep for more than two hours without checking her blood sugar levels but all that changed when she got her dog Magic. He is an Medical Alert Assistance dog and after training, he can tell when her sugars are getting out of bounds and alert her. Claire enjoyed her dinner with the Rotary Club as ever, with Magic by her side & even though she had enjoyed her meal, her blood sugar levels had dropped to a dangerous level and Magic knew! He repeatedly nudged her until she ate some sugar rich sweets and he of course got some treats as a reward.

Claire very kindly accepted the first cheque, for £4,500 on behalf of the Medical Detection Dogs, based at Great Harwood near Milton Keynes.

Medical Detection Dogs had been selected by Rotary President & our Chairman John Little as his special charity during his year of office. After visiting MDD and seeing the dogs in training, John said “I was absolutely in awe of the dog’s ability to warn diabetes sufferers before they collapsed into a coma. Even more amazing is that it appears that dogs may be able to detect cancers long before symptoms appear. The potential to save lives and to save the NHS vast sums of money is enormous”.

The Rotary then presented a cheque for £2,000 to Gemma Kitching, a senior fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. For over thirty years, the Rotary Club have organised a charity clay pigeon shoot, kindly hosted by Flitwick Gun Club. Since the death of Gun Club chairman Kenny Hearn to cancer, the proceeds have always gone to Cancer Research. So it was particularly appropriate to support these two charities, one seeking to help diagnose cancer and the other seeking to improve cancer treatments.

Medical Detection Dogs desperately need volunteers to help train puppies & dogs as potential life savers. Known as socialisers, the volunteers give a home to the puppies and help them to become at ease in all the conditions they may meet. Like puppy walkers for guide dogs, the puppies are taken everywhere the owners go so that when they eventually go to work, they can cope with whatever surprises they face.

If you are interested in becoming a socialiser and would like to find out more about it, come along to our Socialiser Recruitment Day at the Garden Centre on Friday 17th November.