Restaurant Closure

The Restaurant@Poplars Closure

Due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to keep our restaurant closed until 2021.

Please read the following statement from our Chairman John Little, explaining the reasons behind our decision.


“2020 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone and our priority at Poplars has been to keep everybody safe and well. The government have recognised the value of gardening to people’s physical and mental health and we have been glad to serve that need while doing everything possible to avoid spreading the virus. However the large number of customers visiting the site have made it challenging to maintain social distancing. We are very grateful to all those customers who have abided by the rules and worn their masks for the safety of those around them.

However in the Restaurant it was impossible to serve food in the previous manner and in the brief period when we reopened trying to keep people safe led to long queues and a long wait for service. Our wonderful staff did everything they could to care for customers but were not able to maintain the high standards they set. The additional number of customers on site made social distancing more difficult throughout the centre and increased the risk of Covid transmission.

In view of that and with a full weeks closure of the whole centre over Christmas the best way to protect customers and staff is to keep the restaurant closed until the vaccination process is well underway. We therefore do not intend to reopen the restaurant before the middle of February and then only if the pandemic has been brought under control.

For us the restaurant is only a part of the business. We feel very concerned for the local hospitality businesses with no other source of income so we hope leaving our restaurant closed will be of help to them. Our restaurant staff remain furloughed and we are very ready to provide support to any of them in difficulty. Above all we want everybody to come out of the pandemic able to look to a much happier 2021 when most things can return to normal. We hope you will understand, will have a safe Christmas, will use your gardens for exercise and fulfilment and will look forward to the restaurant opening when it is safe to do so.”

John Little Chairman, Poplars Garden Centre

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